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Here are some answers!

When do I pay for the design?

A $20 non-refundable deposit is required for all work. When the design is complete, I will send you a final proof with my watermark over the design. If you approve the design, the balance will be due. Once I receive that balance, I will e-mail you the designs in multiple formats without the watermark. I encourage you to put me in contact with your printer so we can make sure the whole process goes smoothly and the files are in the preferred format. I offer Paypal or Venmo for all payments.

How long will it take to get my design?

Within a week from receiving your $20 deposit, you will receive the first rough draft of your design.

If you have ordered a package with a full color program cover, you will get that draft first. After the cover is complete, I will create the coordinating t-shirt design and cd/dvd labels if part of that package. Once you approve the draft, it will be another week to finalize the design, create the t-shirt design and/or other options and format them for print. You will then receive the final proofs with watermark. If you approve, then you will need to send me the balance due. Once I receive that payment, I will email you the files without the watermark and in the proper format for your printing needs. (If you need the design faster than two weeks, I may be able to help, just let me know!)

What if I don't like the design you send me?

When we you first contact me, I will ask you some questions to get an idea of the theme for your design, your color preferences, and the general vibe you envision for your design. I may ask to check out your website or any other media that is a reflection of your style. I will do a few rough preliminary computer generated designs and send them to you. If you are unhappy with the first rough drafts, I will work up other ideas for you. If after this second set, you are still unhappy, an additional charge of $10 will be added to the base price to cover my time for each additional set. 

What color and brand of apparel should I use?

I can suggest shirts that I have used in the past if you havn't chosen yet. Not every shirt company offers the same range of colors, so you may want to do some research on your own to choose one you prefer. Your printer would be able to help you with that as well. Most screen printers will have books from a variety of apparel companies that show the product lines and shirt color choices. My favorites are Gildan, Hanes, Anvil and Bella.

What is the difference between a Screen Print and a Digital Print?

You may have noticed that most  t-shirts you see often have simpler one or two color designs. This is because the silk screen process requires all the colors to be separated and applied as different layers. Each layer makes the shirt a bit more expensive because it needs to be set up properly. 


However, if you want to make a complex full color, piece of art, digital printing is the way to go. Digital printing offers infinite colors, so you can have as detailed a shirt as you want, color-wise, without having to pay for each color like you would with a silk screen print. And as an added bonus, the digital print functions like a printer more than a paint stamp, so if you want a silky smooth shirt front, this is the choice for you. Contact a digital t-shirt printer for more info on print pricing.


What other charges can I expect at the screen printer?

For t-shirt designs, I will give you a high resolution file in the format favored by your printer: jpg, pdf, tiff, eps or ai (Adobe Illustrator). If you have chosen a two color or more design, your printer will have to do some pre-press work to prepare the different color screens for printing - this is called "color separation". Some printers charge for this service. FYI: For each color in the print, the printer will prepare a "screen" - usually the charge is between $25-$35 for each screen. Most printers will give you one combined price for the cost of the shirt and cost to run the prints on the shirt, and a separate charge for the screens.

How can you be sure that my screen printers colors will match the design?

I use a Pantone process color book that is an industry standard for screen printing. When you are ready for print, your printer will be able to use these colors (listed by number) for printing. The final print will match the design you proof exactly!

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