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Welcome! My name is Kristine Izak and I am a professional dance instructor and choreographer. My work is my life's passion. Dance and art have always waltzed throughout my life hand in hand! In my graphic design and illustrations, you might say I am choreographing lines and colors to create a cohesive design. I specialize in design for dance professionals and keep current on what's trending and what appeals to dancers. 


From design to print, I can offer you over 30 years of expertise in the graphic design and digital press industry. From one color to full color print designs, I can guarantee you a quality design that fits your budget.


I enjoy bringing my joy of movement into my artwork, whether it be in

print or on canvas. You can visit my online art gallery here: 

I am also the creator and publisher of Dance Dreams Coloring Books series.


Feel free to contact me with any questions and for a free estimate. 

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